Who are we?

A group of engineers who love to tinker with technology and on the way fell in love with FinTech! As a result we started exploring the billing and financial business and trying to come up with a comprehensive solution to help people around us in this domain.


Our main area of interest is billing and we are working on a product suite that we call “Spreesuite” that makes billing experience comprehensive, secure, easy and efficient with multiple “Spree Apps” like Billspree, Pubspree, Accspree, Authspree, Spreadspree and Timespree.

Are you one of us?

We are software engineers…engineers love to solve problems, engineers love to make the world a better place, engineers are artists, artists like to see their work dance! Their working code is the manifestation of their hard-work and love for software! They can always climb that extra mile to see farther and enjoy!

Yasir Rizwan Saqib

CEO Techfoot

Email: yasir@www.techfootintl.com

Phone : +92 321 3636445